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Stewart B. Koenigsberg

Director - Independent
Mr. Stewart B. Koenigsberg was elected as a director of IMH on July 17, 2018. Mr. Koenigsberg has been an advisor with Impala Partners, a boutique private equity firm, since July 2015, and he was a senior advisor to Kimberlite Advisors, a New York City investment banking firm from March 2017 to February 2020.  From 1989 to 2015, Mr. Koenigsberg served in various positions at GE, last serving as President and CEO at GE Capital Markets, where he managed all capital markets activities worldwide. At the time, GE Capital was one of the world’s largest financial institutions.
Mr. Koenigsberg
was named a GE Company Officer in 2006. In his previous positions at GE, he was Chief Financial Officer for GE Real Estate, one of the world’s largest real estate lending and investing businesses with over $90 Billion in assets. His other roles at GE Capital included Head of Financial Planning and Strategic Planning, Chief Investment Officer for GE’s Mortgage businesses, Chief Financial Officer for GE Capital Lending and Leasing businesses, and President of GE Mortgage’s conduit and capital markets activities. Mr. Koenigsberg also managed GE Mortgage’s $100+ billion residential mortgage servicing portfolio and hedging activities. Before joining GE in 1989, Mr. Koenigsberg was a Senior Manager with Arthur Andersen & Co., serving clients in financial services. Mr. Koenigsberg has previously served on several boards of directors. He has extensive experience running complex organizations, financial operations and knowledge of SEC regulations. Mr. Koenigsberg earned his Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Economics from the City University of New York, Brooklyn College. He is a CPA and has held several securities industry licenses. The Company believes that Mr. Koenigsberg’s financial and business expertise, including his past senior management positions and operating experience with large, complex organizations, gives him the qualifications and skills to serve as a director.